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    Top Managed IT Services Providers

    The managed services market attained impressive heights in the last couple of years and is going to set new records in terms of growth and profitability.

    Today, companies of all sizes and industries can streamline their IT infrastructures, optimize business operations, and improve customer support thanks to top managed IT service providers.

    If you’re about to conduct a digital transformation of your business, you’re in the right place. 

    Why Are IT Management Services Important?

    The highly efficient, top-notch managed IT services providers can help your business experience the following benefits:

    • Ensure scalability and flexibility of your IT infrastructure with growing business needs. 
    • Reduce business and development costs through cost-effective IT solutions.
    • Provide better customer support and services through cutting-edge digital solutions.
    • Establish a robust online presence to boost your brand awareness and generate more sales.
    • Enhance your cybersecurity measures through encryption, implementing firewalls, security audits, etc. 
    • Get round-the-clock monitoring and support, reducing downtime and complaints. 

    Let’s take a look at the best IT management companies, along with their services and offerings and how they can help you create a superior customer experience. 

    The Best Managed IT Services Providers For Strategic Outsourcing

    1. Innowise


    Innowise, with offices across major cities worldwide, has been a leader in the managed IT services sector since 2007. It’s a perfect vendor for tech needs, including mobile and web app development, cloud computing, UI/UX design, QA, and more. Their team of over 1,600 experts handles a broad spectrum of technologies, from Java, Python, and .NET to cutting-edge cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. They’re also adept in front-end technologies like React and Angular, making them versatile in crafting user-centric designs.

    In its 17-year run, Innowise has successfully delivered more than 1,100 projects globally for clients in 60 countries. This track record has earned Innowise spots on lists by Clutch, Forbes, and Inc. 5000. 

    In addition to their expertise and services offered, Innowise is committed to building lasting relationships with clients and empowering them with the skills and solutions they need to succeed.

    • Services and expertise: managed IT services, DevOps services, cloud consulting, custom software development, web and mobile app development, UI/UX, business analysis, software testing & QA, IT staff augmentation, blockchain, AR/VR
    • Team size: 1,600+ experts
    • Industries: Healthcare, BFSI, eCommerce, Education, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, Energy, Marketing & Advertising, Manufacturing 
    • Clients: BMW, Topcon, CoreLedger, Deloitte, Web3 Pro, Accenture, Definely

    2. Cortavo

    Top Managed IT Services Providers

    Providing all-inclusive managed IT services, Cortavo is a go-to company for all your IT-related requirements. They’ve helped numerous clients worldwide through successful data migration, enhanced cybersecurity, effective team collaboration, and other solutions.

    Whether it’s simple desk support or comprehensive assistance for cybersecurity, Cortavo has a range of plans and pricing options for diversified clients’ needs and requirements. Namely, Cortavo offers three plans—Productivity Plan, Connectivity Plan, and Techtility Plan. In case you have any doubt regarding which plan to go with, you can talk to their friendly customer service team and select the one best suited to your project.

    • Services and expertise: cybersecurity, comprehensive IT assistance, 24/7 support, IT cost management, hybrid workspace management
    • Team size: 200+ experts
    • Industries: Automotive, Staffing, Construction
    • Clients: CB Auto Group, Excel Electrical Technologies, Harrison Homes

    3. Transputec

    Top Managed IT Services Providers

    Are you willing to scale your business in the right direction in the digital landscape? The two most important things that you need are a strong technology foundation and deep IT expertise. Recognized as a top MSP of 2023 in Cloud excellence, Transputec believes in forming valuable connections by bringing about innovative transformations. 

    Boasting an impressive customer happiness score of 95.6%, Transputec is a top-level managed IT service provider passionate about technology that always strives to deliver result-oriented solutions to its clients.

    • Services and expertise: managed IT services, cloud services, cybersecurity services, software development services 
    • Team size: 200+ experts
    • Industries: Governance and administration, Healthcare, Construction, Data and Technology, Travel and Tourism
    • Clients: medidata, GCH Hotel Group, Higgins, Worldwide Flight Services

    4. Virtuoso

    Top Managed IT Services Providers

    Empowering customers with its cutting-edge approach, Virtuoso is a globally trusted brand. The company provides advanced, full-fledged IT managed services to help businesses scale their operations and improve their IT ecosystem.

    Virtuoso specializes in blending innovative technology with a unique approach that increases technology adoption, improves productivity, and helps businesses achieve a competitive advantage. With cloud as the core of all its operations, the company has a passion for working with the latest technologies, delivering next-level results for its clients.

    • Services and expertise: IT strategy, IT support, cloud management, cybersecurity
    • Team size: 200+ experts
    • Industries: Event security, Recruitment, Real estate, Resident Services, Finance, Healthcare
    • Clients: ResponSec, Danos Associates, Green Kite, Alpha Development

    5. Rimini Street

    Top Managed IT Services Providers

    Serving more than 190 global clients, Rimini Street has ensured a total client savings of $8B since its inception in 2005. Believing in the idea that every organization should be in charge of its IT, the company offers end-to-end enterprise software support that strengthens, maintains, and improves clients’ digital infrastructures. 

    As one of the best-rated IT managed services providers, Rimini Street follows a clean pathway where a dedicated Client Success Manager serves as the sole point of contact for all your queries and suggestions. The process involves reviewing the current infrastructure and objectives, developing an aligned blueprint, preparing systems and processes in place, and executing seamlessly with a designated onboarding team. 

    • Services and expertise: software support, marketing cloud, managed IT services, tech consulting
    • Team size: 5,000+ experts
    • Industries: Hospitality, Technology, Government, Financial Services, Retail 
    • Clients: GES, santec, Doosan, GE Lighting, Globe Union

    6. Navisite

    Top Managed IT Services Providers

    Navisite, now part of Accenture, goes beyond being just the IT services provider. Based on the client’s budget, the company delivers solutions that optimize business processes, help meet consumer demands, and minimize risks. Thanks to its ultimate digital transformation and end-to-end strategic advisory services, Navisite has become a trusted partner for countless global brands. 

    What sets Navisite apart as the best managed IT services provider is its flexible and methodical approach that refines processes and offerings as per the business needs and project complexities. Proudly presenting the #NaviVerse, the company believes in collecting ideas, converging talents, and creating solutions that have a positive impact on the technological world. 

    • Services and expertise: app development services, cloud services, security services, data intelligence and automation
    • Team size: 5,000+ experts
    • Industries: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Life Sciences, ISV/SaaS
    • Clients: Ankura Consulting, Clinigen Limited, Johnson Lambert, Southcoast Health

    7. Cleveroad

    Top Managed IT Services Providers

    In today’s world of mass digitization, technical advancements play an important role in an organization’s growth and success. To help companies achieve tech excellence, Cleveroad offers tailored IT business solutions, particularly web and mobile app development. With a high rating of 4.9 on Clutch, the company has obtained more than 10 years of industry experience and completed over 170 projects. 

    To create an IT-enabled future, Cleveroad offers full-cycle IT management services and nurtures a high commitment to building strong and happy relationships with its clients. The company operates on the core values of Transparency, Flexibility, Quality, and Professionalism, and its leadership team ensures smooth problem-solving and business growth. 

    • Services and expertise: mobile app development, web development, UI/UX design, cross-platform development, project management
    • Team size: 500+ experts
    • Industries: HealthTech and MedTech, FinTech and Blockchain, Retail, Education, Travel 
    • Clients: Ayoo, Delta Sport, Cere, justplay, RetailOPS

    8. Dataprise

    Top Managed IT Services Providers

    Bringing harmony and simplicity to its IT solutions, Dataprises thrives at fulfilling customer expectations and giving them a competitive advantage. Their comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and fully managed IT support help organizations tackle complex IT challenges and build a more robust and user-friendly IT infrastructure. 

    As a premier provider of IT management services, Dataprise is the home to an exclusive pool of unmatched talent having the first-class knowledge, expertise and credentials to cover diversified technical tasks, taking your company to the next level. The culture of the company is based on five core values—Passion, Respect, Ownership, Unity, and Decision making. 

    • Services and expertise: complete IT management, cloud and infrastructure, disaster recovery, managed cybersecurity
    • Team size: 500+ experts
    • Industries: State and Local Government, Media and Entertainment, Banking, Legal, Healthcare
    • Clients: MidCap Financial Services, Southern Baptist Investment Foundation, Georgia Office of the State Treasurer, Dematic

    9. Synoptek

    Top Managed IT Services Providers

    Are you looking for a skillful and trusted technology partner who can understand your requirements and manage your IT operations? Synoptek is the perfect choice for you! Empowered with years of experience and capability of serving small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies, Synoptek offers highly professional, versatile experts who’ll identify and implement the most optimal IT solutions for transforming your business. 

    The company follows a three-step model—Envision, Transform, and Evolve, through which they strengthen the IT setup of their clients, enhance data security, and accelerate sustainable growth with improved business results. Providing end-to-end IT managed services, Synoptek’s core value is customer happiness, which is reflected in its customer satisfaction score, which is as high as 4.93!

    • Services and expertise: IT consulting, IT leadership and management, cybersecurity, cloud advancement, data insights and AI 
    • Team size: 5,000+ experts
    • Industries: Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services, Higher Education
    • Clients: Beacon Healthcare Systems, The Car Park, Student Transportation Inc.,

    10. Itransition

    Top Managed IT Services Providers

    Creating incredible success stories for their clients for more than two and a half decades, Itransition believes in constructing a future with digital technology. Since 1998, the company has built an impressive portfolio of 800+ global clients offering top-quality and highly personalized corporate and consumer application solutions.  Itransition has actively operated as one of the best managed IT services providers in the world, with its guiding principles being Commitment, Excellence, Passion, and Clarity. 

    Multiple factors differentiate Itransition from the rest in the industry, and the most crucial of them are Scale, Expertise, Transparency, and Flexibility. To date, the firm is a proud owner of numerous awards from The Global Outsourcing 100, Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Everest Group, etc. 

    • Services and expertise: managed IT services, quality assurance and testing, DevOps, maintenance and support
    • Team size: 5,000+ experts
    • Industries: Healthcare, Automotive, Telecommunications, Finance, Insurance, etc. 
    • Clients: Pepsico, eBay, InterCall, Expedia, AstraZeneca, TradeStops, etc. 

    11. Magna5

    Top Managed IT Services Providers

    One of the best managed IT services providers, Magna5 is a globally renowned company focused on managed IT, cybersecurity, and private & public cloud. From preliminary support and consulting to robust process and system optimization aimed at maximizing clients’ growth, Magna5 is a reliable partner that will help you achieve total peace of mind when it comes to your digital needs.

    An award-winning company that has received recognition and trust from the big players in the global market, Magna5 does its best to handle all your IT-related tasks. The firm runs on five core principles—Win together, Respond fast, Earn trust, Stay transparent, and Think ahead—to show you the real value in action.

    • Services and expertise: managed IT services, cloud and data center services, cybersecurity, IT consulting and procurement
    • Team size: 500+ experts
    • Industries: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Government, Legal Services, Education 
    • Clients: A Child’s Place at Unity House, Valley Food Systems, Town of Kent, Visit Pittsburgh


    Looking ahead, we can confidently say that managed services providers will only further shape the future of the IT industry. By fully leveraging the benefits of managed IT support provided by the listed vendors, businesses across various industries are able to manage their entire suite of IT operations and excel in problem resolution. Hopefully, this list helps you find the best-fit partner for your organization based on your requirements and budget.

    If you want to add your IT management company to this list, contact us with your request by email or submit a form in the Top Choices section. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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