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    Top AR Development Companies For Mind-Blowing Experiences

    As of 2023, 1.4 billion people worldwide are actively using AR solutions. We can only imagine how quickly this number will rise in the near future.

    Augmented reality (AR) overlays computer-generated elements in the real world, allowing users to interact with the environment through smartphones and tablets, enhancing perception. Unlike virtual and mixed reality (VR/MR), AR products don’t require headsets, making them a more accessible and widely used technology.

    Marketing, education, fintech, manufacturing, retail – today, the application areas of augmented reality are infinite. And, of course, with such a great demand and opportunities come a range of companies that offer custom AR development services. 

    So, how can you choose the perfect one for your next project?

    Start with researching this carefully curated list of top augmented reality development companies that bring years of experience, top-notch technologies, and outstanding case studies to the table.

    The Best Augmented Reality Development Companies

    1. Vention 

    Vention ARWhen you think of the best AR development company, no other name comes to mind than Vention. With a team of 3,000+ professionals worldwide, this agency can skillfully overlay the user’s reality with 3D models, animation, and ultrahigh definition video, creating engaging and intuitive experiences – whether you require to create a custom solution from scratch or improve an existing one.

    Recognition-based applications, location-based AR, eCommerce integration, AR-powered game development – Vention creates augmented experiences of all levels of complexity. And beyond development, Vention stands by your side post-launch, providing maintenance and support to ensure continuous product stability and improvements.

    Having 20 years of experience and 500+ award-winning clients under its belt, Vention leverages expertise across various industries to ensure the solutions it delivers will generate revenue and enhance clients’ brand performance.

    • Services and expertise: AR/VR, mobile app development, software and web development, startup services, cloud services, blockchain, Salesforce, AI, IoT
    • Tech stack: React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, Cordova, Swift, .NET, PHP, Java, Node.js, Python, Golang, Elixir, Scala, and others
    • Location: headquartered in New York, US; offices in 20+ cities
    • Clients: EY, Coca-Cola, Thirty Madison, PWC, PayPal, IBM, Vimeo

    2. Groove Jones

    Top AR Development Companies

    If you’re searching to hire the best AR software developers with an impressive portfolio, Groove Jones is the proven company you’d turn to. 

    This pioneer in AR app development services offers a diverse range of services – from crafting social media effects, filters, and lenses to creating web AR experiences, AR scavenger hunts, and mobile AR apps. Their team of artists, musicians, thinkers, and innovators has consistently delivered exceptional work since 2015, providing brands with the interactive tools that give them a competitive edge. 

    With a vast background in developing location-based entertainment, amusement park rides, enterprise apps, video games, broadcast commercials, and feature motion pictures, Groove Jones blends creativity and technical expertise. From idea conception to project execution, their experts will easily bring your immersive visions and ideas to life.

    • Services & expertise: AR development, MR development, VR development, AI development, web development, app development
    • Tech stack: Magic Leap, Microsoft HoloLens, Facebook Spark AR, Snapchat Lens Studio, Apple ARKit, and Google’s ARCore
    • Location: Dallas, US
    • Clients: McDonald’s, Toyota, Samsung, Mastercard, AT&T, Amazon, Intel, IBM, Under Armour

    3. Next/Now

    Top AR Development Companies

    Nestled in the heart of Chicago, Next/Now has been providing cutting-edge AR development services since 2011. From product concept planning to detailed design, development, and implementation, the dedicated team at Next/Now can create any solution for your marketing campaign, museum expo, virtual event, or any other project you have in mind.

    Their expertise in AR services has earned them the title of the best augmented reality development company, gaining the Elevate Award in 2017 for the groundbreaking AR Face Painting beauty app. 

    Beyond this significant recognition, Next/Now’s portfolio includes collaborations with industry giants like Audi, LG, Allstate, Mazda, and Intel. Their noteworthy projects include the Chevron Bumper to Bumper AR app, LG’s interactive video marvels in Times Square, Target’s in-store augmented reality kiosks, and the immersive Fremont Street Experience featuring the world’s largest video screen.

    • Services & expertise: AR/VR/XR development
    • Tech stack: Unity, ARCore, 8th Wall, Spark AR, and others
    • Location: Chicago, US
    • Clients: Audi, LG, Allstate, Mazda, Intel

    4. ServReality

    Top AR Development Companies

    With roots dating back to 2013, ServReality is among the top AR companies, blending technical expertise, creative vision, and an unwavering passion for immersive experiences. 

    Navigating the intricate landscape of technology, ServReality specializes in AR/VR, AI, and game development. Their comprehensive suite of services encompasses AR app formation for Android and iOS, game app development, software development, position/recognition-centered AR, support, guidance, and 3D modeling.

    What sets ServReality apart is its technical proficiency and commitment to tailor-made augmented reality solutions, whether for Android or iOS. The company’s arsenal includes over 100 completed AI projects, more than 100 AR/VR mobile apps, and over 40 games.

    With ServReality, clients benefit from the in-depth company expertise and collaborative approach that ensures flexibility in project management, meeting tight deadlines, and reducing development costs. 

    • Services & expertise: AR/VR development, AI & ML solutions, 3D modeling & animation, WebXR development, IT consulting
    • Tech stack: Unity, Swift, Python, Java/JavaScript, C/C++, C#, ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, EasyAR, Deepar, Maxst
    • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Clients: Volkswagen, Contact, Leica, TechSmith, Ookla, Epic Games, Iron Galaxy Studios, and others

    5. Takeaway Reality

    Top AR Development Companies

    Takeaway Reality is a London-based company with some of the best AR developers on board. Since its inception in 2020, this firm has forged a robust reputation, boasting collaboration with industry giants like Microsoft and Ford.

    Web AR, AR glasses apps, mobile AR apps, and social media filters – Takeaway Realty can help you create anything you can imagine. At the core of their approach lies meticulous user research, helping them build custom solutions that resonate with clients’ audiences. Their commitment to optimal user experience echoes across diverse sectors, from the intricacies of healthcare to the high-speed lanes of the automotive industry.

    Even though Takeaway Reality is a relatively new and small AR development agency, it has already managed to create a significant buzz on the market. The agency is recognized as a top AR/VR and metaverse company by The Manifest, Clutch, Designrush, P2P, Analytics Insight, Influencer Marketing Hub, and Owner’s Magazine.

    • Services & expertise: AR, VR, XR, gamified marketing
    • Tech stack: Unity
    • Location: London, UK
    • Clients: Microsoft, Ford

    6. Sensorama Lab

    Top AR Development Companies

    With 13 years of experience, Sensorama Lab delivers outstanding AR development services straight from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Having already delivered over 300 projects, this Ukrainian powerhouse serves the advertising, real estate, and automotive industries.

    Passionate about creating innovative solutions, the agency employs technologies that can improve clients’ potential, improve brand visibility, and attract more leads. With middle and senior AR app developers onboard, Sensorama Lab can handle projects of any size and difficulty, offering full support from ideation to post-project maintenance. Their expertise extends beyond code, covering 3D modeling, animation, and 360-degree video production.

    • Services & expertise: AR/VR development, 3D & animation, video production
    • Tech stack: Unity
    • Location: Newark, US; Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Clients: Microsoft. Audi, Samsung, Coca-Cola, EY, Pepsi, Samsung, Credit Agricole, Toyota, Lenovo

    7. Interexy

    Top AR Development Companies

    Interexy is another superior AR/VR software development company that carves a well-deserved place on our list. With over 5 years of industry prowess, the agency has helped SAP, Pampers, Square, and other brands adopt augmented reality technology.

    Whether you want to enhance brand loyalty, improve user engagement, or unlock new opportunities for personalization, Interlexity’s team, comprising middle and senior AR developers, can help you do so. 

    Their commitment to involvement ensures that your project is handled by dedicated full-time professionals, delivering results within an impressive 10-business-day timeframe from the first contact. With guarantees, flexibility in payment structures, and a commitment to the top 2% of the development market, Interexy is indeed a leading agency for augmented reality development services.

    • Services & expertise: AR/VR development, mobile app development, web development, blockchain development, IT consulting
    • Tech stack: Vuforia, ARKit, ARCore, OpenCV
    • Location: Miami, US; Dubai, UAE; Warsaw, Poland
    • Clients: SAP, Pampers, General Electric

    8. Lucid Reality Labs

    Top AR Development Companies

    Lucid Reality Labs has been providing AR consulting, design, and development services since 2016. With a diverse team of 50+ skilled professionals, the agency focuses primarily on crafting immersive simulations tailored for the healthcare, medtech, pharma, aerospace, and defense industries.

    Recognized as the top-rated Augmented and Virtual Reality Company worldwide and honored as a Top Global Service Provider by Clutch, Lucid Reality Labs delivers AR solutions that match clients’ requirements and needs. Utilizing digital twins and visual overlays, the agency unlocks limitless potential for users to play, learn, shop, collaborate, and socialize worldwide. 

    The company’s cutting-edge use of innovative technologies has given it an opportunity to work with industry giants like Loreal, P&G, Philips Healthcare, American Red Cross, and others. 

    • Services & expertise: AR/VR/MR solutions, Metaverse development, R&D enterprise solutions
    • Tech stack: Unity
    • Location: Miami, US; Kyiv, Ukraine; London, UK
    • Clients: Medtronic, Roche, American Red Cross, Philips Healthcare, Loreal, P&G, Harvard Business School, 3M, and others

    9. Chimpare

    Top AR Development Companies

    Headquartered in the UK, this small but ambitious app development firm has already been recognized worldwide, delivering 360-degree services and guiding startups from strategy to development and beyond. With a decade-long track record, Chimpare has partnered with global brands, non-profits, celebrities, and influencers, earning its stripes as a trusted ally in AR app development.

    Specializing in augmented reality apps for iOS and Android, Chimpare’s team crafts next-gen immersive experiences. From development to publishing, they offer a spectrum of services, serving purposes from training to marketing and entertainment. 

    • Services & expertise: AR/VR development, blockchain development, game development, mobile app development, web development, software development, UX services, smart app, IoT development, AI, digital marketing 
    • Tech stack: Wikitude, ARCore, 8th Wall, Spark AR, Vuforia, Zappar, Immersal, Unity
    • Location: headquartered in Whiteley, UK; offices in London, UK, New York, US, Markham, Canada
    • Clients: startups and enterprises worldwide

    10. WE/AR

    Top AR Development Companies

    Let’s end our list with a Ukrainian AR development agency, WE/AR Studio. Represented by a team of 30+ professionals, WE/AR Studio has been shaping the future since 2016. From ideation and prototyping to AR strategy, development, and analytics, their experts harness the power of the latest tech stack to deliver high-quality products.

    With a track record of over 80 projects, WE/AR Studio has collaborated with industry giants such as Pepsi, Danone, Skoda, UNICEF, OKKO, FairTrade, BUD, Mojokaii, and more. That’s how their team has helped BUD enhance brand exposure on social media platforms and allowed Pepsi to get into the digital spotlight before the Tomorrowland festival.

    Whether revolutionizing the automotive sector with virtual instructors for vehicle maintenance or providing eCommerce and retail businesses a try-before-buy experience, hiring AR developers from WE/AR Studio can help you elevate your brand to new heights. 

    • Services & expertise: AR development, VR development, ideation session, rapid prototyping, AR/VR data analytics
    • Tech stack: Unity, ARKit, ARCore, Wikitude, Immersal, Vuforia, Spark AR, 8th Wall, Zappart, Depthkit, FFmpeg, Google Speach Recognition, TensorFlow, OpenCV, Agora, WebRTC, UDP, TCP, Web Sockets, Photon, Firebase 
    • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Clients: BUD, ALLO, Pepsi, FairTrade, Eurocar Ltd, OK​​KO, Mana, CLiNiC PetFood, ALTstage, Minipeeps Studios, Danone, Skoda, UNICEF


    If you’re looking to develop augmented reality software of any complexity, the companies listed above can assist you. Armed with years of expertise, a creative approach, and hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide, these are the best AR development companies you can find in the market.

    So whether you want to increase your brand awareness with cutting-edge technologies or increase revenue by attracting investors, AR solutions can help you achieve those goals. Just be sure to conduct your own research prior to choosing the vendor to ensure it aligns with your industry, company goals, and project vision.

    If you want to add your AR development company to this list, contact us by email with your request. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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