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    Top Data Analytics Companies And Services 

    If you find yourself overwhelmed by the volume of data your business generates and are unable to gain meaningful insights from it, well-thought-out data analytics is your rescuer.

    In today’s complex business landscape, navigating diversified operations, markets, and customer behavior requires a strategic approach. Data analytics is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses to get a better understanding of the situation and make informed decisions.

    By employing techniques like data mining, machine learning, and statistical analysis, professional data analytics empowers businesses to optimize performance and boost sales while retaining loyal customers.

    In essence, data analytics equips you with essential tools to make winning decisions based on the current state and effectively steer your company toward success.

    You might now ask, ‘Where do I find and hire expert data analysts?’ 

    Luckily, you don’t have to spend days or weeks conducting your own research. Especially for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top data analytics companies with years of experience and impressive portfolios. Explore the available options and choose the best-fit partner for your needs.

    The Best Data Analytics Companies To Make The Most Out Of Your Business Data 

    1. Unico Connect

    Unico Connect Data analytics companies

    Meet Unico Connect, a versatile software development firm renowned for its in-depth expertise in data science and analytics services, among numerous other capabilities. Unico Connect boasts a team of diverse talents passionate about helping clients achieve even the most challenging goals and boost their business growth.

    With over 10 years of background, Unico’s first-class data analytics experts empower their clients to make informed decisions by uncovering and processing valuable data, trends, and insights. Furthermore, the company boasts numerous quality certifications and awards, demonstrating its rich experience and unwavering confidence in the field.

    To leverage the power of data for your business advantage, contact Unico Connect, one of the best data analytics companies globally.

    • ​​Services & expertise: web and mobile app development, UI/UX design, AI development, data science and analytics, tech consulting
    • Location: Mumbai, India
    • Team size: 60+ experts
    • Clients: Stay Vista, Reilofy, Worxogo, Barko, Highlands Brain, Deep Meditate

    2. ScienceSoft

    ScienceSoft Data Analytics Companies

    For over 34 years, ScienceSoft has been a trusted name in data analytics services. They offer tailored solutions to businesses across diverse industries. The company enables clients to make more informed decisions based on historical data trends. Their expertise extends across 30+ industries, where they integrate, aggregate, and analyze various data types from multiple sources.

    For example, ScienceSoft optimizes overall equipment effectiveness, quality control, and production scheduling in manufacturing. In healthcare, they monitor patient health conditions, optimize treatments, and detect fraud in insurance claims. In retail, the company analyzes sales performance, forecasts demand, and optimizes inventory management. 

    Across sectors like banking, investment, insurance, real estate, and lending, ScienceSoft provides predictive analytics, risk management, and personalized recommendations to drive growth and mitigate risks.

    • Services and expertise: data analytics, big data, cloud consulting, business intelligence, AI/ML, blockchain, software design and development
    • Location: McKinney, TX, USA
    • Team size: 750+ experts
    • Clients: IRIS Atlanta, Leo Burnet, Service Pulse, 3Steps2Web, Unibank

    3. Innowise

    Innowise Data Analytics

    As a leading data analytics company renowned for its comprehensive suite of data processing and analysis solutions, Innowise caters to a wide range of business needs. They excel in transforming complex data into actionable insights, empowering their clients to make more informed decisions that drive business growth and efficiency.

    Their data analytics services span the entire spectrum, from consultancy to hands-on data management, ensuring accessibility to the most sought-after services in the field. This includes expertise in data management, warehousing, transformation, mapping, quality assessment, and modernization, along with invaluable data advisory and consulting services.

    With extensive experience in data engineering and analytics, Innowise promises top-notch services that cover data storage, management, security, integration, and migration. Their track record of enhancing company operations is impressive, including expediting data migration processes by 200% and improving inventory management efficiency by 27%. 

    Innowise’s expert team is prepared to assist you at any stage of data interaction, offering a personalized approach and cost-effective solutions.

    • Services & expertise: data analytics, DevOps services, cloud consulting, custom software development, web and mobile app development, UI/UX, business analysis, software testing & QA, IT staff augmentation, blockchain, AR/VR
    • Location: Warsaw, Poland (HQ); St. Petersburg, USA; Berlin, Germany; Norwich, UK; Orebro, Sweden; Pescara, Italy; Paris, France; Vilnius, Lithuania
    • Team size: 1,600+ experts
    • Clients: BMW, Topcon, CoreLedger, Deloitte, Web3 Pro, Accenture, Definely

    4. Kellton

    Kellton Best Data Analytics Companies

    Kellton is one of the top big data analytics companies worldwide, trusted by global market leaders for its expertise in data science and engineering. Leveraging its unique data-driven methodologies, Kellton empowers businesses to develop innovative visualization and analytics solutions, propelling them toward continuous growth and success.

    Visualization, reporting business intelligence, and BI platform integration are the key data analytics services Kellton offers. They employ the most suitable tools and benchmark strategies to craft a roadmap to success tailored for businesses of all types and sizes.

    • ​​Services & expertise: data analytics, web and mobile app development, blockchain development, product strategy and consulting, cloud engineering, data science, AI/ML
    • Location: Reston, USA
    • Team size: 1800+ experts
    • Clients: KFC, Adani, IndiGo, Abbott, Momentive Technologies, United Rentals

    5. HubSpire

    HubSpire Best Data Analytics Companies

    Specializing in Power BI, data science, artificial intelligence, analytic platforms, and data security, HubSpire is one of the most experienced business analytics companies in New York. The company is proud to collaborate with global enterprises, optimizing their processes and empowering them to make impactful decisions based on the available data.

    With a multitude of awards and recognitions, HubSpire prioritizes a people-first approach when partnering with clients. Their commitment lies in delivering smart solutions and the best technological outcomes, ensuring that every project is marked by efficiency, innovation, and client satisfaction.

    • ​​Services & expertise: web and mobile app development, data analytics, cybersecurity, IT strategy, tech consulting
    • Location: New York, USA
    • Team size: 30+ experts
    • Clients: Tencent, MentorHub, Lenovo, Google, IDC, Ford Foundation, County of Essex

    6. Yalantis

    Yalantis Best Data Analytics Companies

    Being the best data analytics company, Yalantis offers a comprehensive suite of big data services and showcases a brilliant portfolio. They cover a wide spectrum of tasks, including data strategy, security, quality management, governance and compliance, cataloging, and metadata management, as well as consulting.

    Notably, Yalantis specializes in catering to the healthcare, finance, and IoT industries, bringing fantastic advantages to businesses operating within these sectors.

    • ​​Services & expertise: custom software development, IoT, data science, blockchain, AI/ML, data engineering, data analytics, BI, UI/UX design, IT infrastructure
    • Location: Warsaw, Poland; Lviv, Dnipro, Kyiv, Ukraine; Larnaca, Cyprus; Tallinn, Estonia
    • Team size: 500+
    • Clients: Toyota Tsusho, RAK, Bosch, Healthfully, Wayne Transports, KPMG, Google

    7. Rare Crew

    Rare Crew Best Data Analytics Companies

    Rare Crew is one of the top business intelligence and big data analytics companies with four offices in Los Angeles, Bengaluru, London, and Bratislava. Having 15+ BI and data analytics experts at their disposal, Rare Crew has completed over 30 successful projects.

    By leveraging a suite of data analytics tools such as SQL Server, Azure, Power BI, Visual Studio, Excel, and others, Rare Crew furnishes your team with invaluable data insights to make winning business decisions. Following a proven work process encompassing analysis, audit, interconnection, online reporting, privacy, and training, Rare Crew is a data analytics firm that works hard to achieve your business goals.

    • ​​Services & expertise: custom software development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, software testing, business intelligence, data analytics
    • Location: Bratislava, Slovakia; Bengaluru, India; London, UK; Los Angeles, USA
    • Team size: 150+ experts
    • Clients: IMG Models, The Wall Group, Endeavor, RICOH, Learfield

    8. Azumo

    Azumo Best Data Analytics Companies

    Azumo has earned a reputation as one of the best data analytics companies in the USA thanks to its seasoned team of highly skilled professionals, including analysts, engineers, and scientists, capable of managing vast amounts of data. 

    Their data analytics experts possess extensive skills in utilizing a wide range of tools, frameworks, and technologies essential for building, managing, and visualizing sophisticated data solutions. 

    Whether you seek consulting, discovering patterns and trends, or just simplifying data management, Azumo is your reliable partner.

    • ​​Services & expertise: software development, project management, chatbots development, cloud services, big data, artificial intelligence, dedicated teams
    • Location: San Francisco, USA
    • Team size: 50+ experts
    • Clients: Zynga, Discovery Channel, Zemax, Twitter, Meta, 1st Construction Bank

    9. Geniusee

    Geniusee Best Data Analytics Companies

    Featured and recognized by Forbes, AWS, Clutch, and Plaid, Geniusee is one of the best data analytics services companies. They provide clients with two options: building data analytics from scratch, which involves building database architecture, and optimizing existing setups by enhancing pipelines and dashboards.

    Geniusee specializes in data analytics across a multitude of industries, including retail, fintech, agrotech, marketing, and robotics. The company’s portfolio highlights its exemplary expertise in the field. So, armed with all the essential and modern data analytics tools and techniques, Geniusee is capable of propelling your business to new heights.

    • Services & expertise: web and mobile app development, IoT, chatbot development, blockchain development, cloud services, QA and testing, big data, data analytics, project management, product development
    • Location: Middletown, USA; Warsaw, Poland; Kyiv, Lviv, Ukraine
    • Team size: 200+ experts
    • Clients: Bloomberg, Zytara, Chegg, MyTutor, Partners Capital, Festicket

    10. Facet

    Facet Best Data Analytics Companies

    Based in the United States, Facet is the top data analysis company with 20 years of experience under its belt. Its team’s analytics and business intelligence mastery helps your data work for you, improving your business effectiveness. 

    Collaborating with Facet guarantees scalable design and automation of your data processes, value-driven approach, seamless integration of numerous data sources, robust security measures, automated real-time monitoring, and other invaluable benefits tailored to your specific needs.

    • ​​Services & expertise: data analytics and BI, automation, creative services, CRM, IT MSP, web MSP, digital marketing
    • Location: El Segundo, USA
    • Team size: 50+ experts
    • Clients: Flight FX, Backdrop, Amber Road, Hudson Companies, iSpace, Virco

    11. InData Labs

    InData Labs

    InData Labs is indeed the best data analytics company in the USA, with notable companies like FLO, Interprefy, Asstra, and GSMA among their clientele. Their team possesses extensive expertise in all facets of big data, holding certifications in AWS Data Analytics, AWS Database, and Microsoft Power BI data analysis.

    By selecting InData Labs as your go-to data analytics partner, you’ll significantly benefit in terms of enhanced decision-making, next-gen customer experience, cost optimization, real-time failure identification, and risk mitigation. 

    Their big data analytics services include architecture analysis, architecture improvements, big data pipelines, data analysis, reports, and visualizations – everything you need to unlock the maximum value from your data.

    • ​​Services & expertise: web and mobile app development, generative AI and GPT, big data, cloud services, AI/ML
    • Location: Miami, USA
    • Team size: 80+ experts
    • Clients: FLO, Captiv8, EXtrance, LEDGR, Interprefy, GSMA

    12. Analytics8

    Analytics8 Best Data Analytics Companies

    Analytics8 is one of the leading data analytics vendors. It has catered to over 800 clients across diverse sectors, including healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, finance, HR, sales and marketing, private equity, and more. The company’s 20-year experience serves as a genuine asset, coupled with its pragmatic and adaptable approach.

    As a comprehensive business analytics company, Analytics8 excels in crafting tailored solutions for your organization, spanning data strategy, implementation, and migration. Additionally, their dedicated data teams adeptly identify and bridge any existing gaps and offer continuous support at every project stage.

    • ​​Services & expertise: cloud services, data analytics, data strategy, data architecture, data engineering and integration, generative AI, data management, data visualization, data governance
    • Location: Chicago, Raleigh, Madison, USA; London, UK; Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Team size: 50+ experts
    • Clients: Crocs, Driven Brands, CareQuest, Brooklinen, ABInBev


    Companies that use data analytics gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of data to drive strategic decision-making, optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and innovate products and services. 

    Now it’s your turn! We hope our list helps you select the best-fit data analytics firm to help you make the most out of your business data.

    If you want to add your data analytics company to this list, contact us with your request by email or submit a form in the Top Choices section. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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