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    Top Rust Development Companies And Developers

    Rust has unseated the top technologies of the ages, from C++ to Java and even Python, as the most efficient option.

    2.8 million engineers use Rust, and Microsoft and Amazon programmers say it could be the future of programming.  

    Many famous apps of our times are built with Rust – from edutech solutions to social media networks and browsers. These include Facebook, Dropbox, Figma, and Cloudflare. Others, like Amazon and Google, use Rust in their networking and infrastructure systems code.

    Rust’s powerful features, including a friendly compiler, auto-complete, and intelligent editor, speed up the development cycle. When engineers work better and faster, it trickles down to reduced costs for you, the client.

    So take the best Rust developers into a partnership to reap significant benefits such as blazing software performance, dependability, and improved productivity. This article will introduce you to the top Rust development companies providing highly secure and fast digital solutions. 

    Top Rust Development Companies For Secure-To-Use Software Solutions

    1. Vention

    Top Flutter App Development Companies

    As an eminent player in the software development landscape, Vention stands at the forefront of technological prowess, showcasing its in-depth expertise in the dynamic area of Rust development. With a legacy spanning over two decades, Vention has been recognized by Inc. 5000, IAOP The Global Outsourcing 100, Financial Times, The Stevies, and Network Products Guide.

    Renowned for collaborating with tech-empowered enterprises and prominent startups globally, Vention’s services include technical consulting, UI/UX design, frontend and backend development, mobile development, cloud development, integration services, QA and testing, optimization and refinement, as well as security and compliance. The company’s notable portfolio boasts 500+ award-winning clients and a stellar roster, including EY, Coca-Cola, Thirty Madison, PWC, PayPal, IBM, Vimeo, and more.

    Seamlessly integrating with clients’ engineering teams or developing custom projects from scratch, Vention delivers outstanding Rust development services and forges long-lasting partnerships.

    • Services & expertise: custom software development, mobile and web app development, startup services, cloud services, blockchain, AR/VR, Salesforce, AI, IoT
    • Tech stack: Rust, C++, AngularJS, NextJS, Swift, Flutter, Kotlin
    • Location: headquartered in New York, US; offices in 20+ cities
    • Clients: EY, Coca-Cola, Thirty Madison, PWC, PayPal, IBM, Vimeo, and others

    2. Keenethics 

    Top Rust Development Companies

    Keenethics is a leading Rust development company based in Ukraine, helping clients actualize their visions for top-performing chatbots, cloud and IoT solutions, and web and mobile projects. They’ll guide you throughout the entire software development lifecycle, starting with an MVP (minimum viable product) to test your idea before you make massive investments.

    More than 50 companies have worked with Keenethics to implement various types of innovative software, including Rust application development. The agency possesses best-in-class engineering experts whose ultimate goal is bringing your digital product to success, regardless of task size and complexity.

    • Services and expertise: web and mobile app development, UX/UI design, managed IT services, tech consulting, MVP development, business analysis
    • Tech stack: Rust, Kotlin, ReactJS, Ionic,  Laravel, NodeJS, React Native, Swift, Python, etc.
    • Location: USA, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Netherlands
    • Clients: Tratami, Pace Revenue, Paystub

    3. Yalantis

    Top Rust Development Companies

    A robust service level agreement makes Yalantis a highly sought-after Rust development agency. GoodFirms crowned it the Top Software Development Company in 2023. Yalantis’s roster of clients includes top league brands, from KPMG to Bosch and Toyota.

    When you work with Yalantis, you tap into an extensive talent base of the best Rust developers. They are highly spirited, forward-thinking, and intelligent IT specialists who personalize the app development to your business’s unique requirements.

    Yalantis’s engineers are reliable collaborators in architecture assessment, design solutions, feasibility audits, and prototype development. They don’t just build software. They optimize your entire business performance so you can achieve outstanding results.

    • Services and expertise: business software development, mobile app development, UX/UI design, custom software development, IT consulting, dedicated teams
    • Tech stack: Rust, C++, Java,  Python, Kotlin, ReactJS, Ionic, Laravel, etc.
    • Location: Poland, Cyprus, Ukraine, Estonia 
    • Clients: Healthfully, Lifeworks Advisors, RAKwireless

    4. Mobilunity

    Mobilunity rust developers

    With a solid reputation in Rust development, Mobilunity stands as a prime selection for businesses in search of advanced software solutions. Recognized by industry benchmarks such as GoodFirms, Mobilunity has solidified its position as a leading software development entity.

    Mobilunity offers access to an impressive talent pool of Rust developers, who are not only technically proficient but also deeply committed to innovation in IT. For companies aiming to enhance their projects with Rust’s capabilities, Mobilunity facilitates a smooth engagement process. Exploring Mobilunity’s Rust development services offers a unique opportunity to hire Rust developers, allowing your business to harness the innovative power of this programming language.

    Beyond mere software creation, Mobilunity is dedicated to advancing your overall business performance with services such as architecture assessment, design solutions, feasibility studies, and prototype development. Their expertise extends well beyond simple coding, preparing your business for outstanding success and a leading position in your industry.

    • Services and expertise: business software development, mobile app development, UX/UI design, custom software development, IT consulting, provision of dedicated teams.
    • Tech stack:  Rust, C++, Java, Python, Kotlin, ReactJS, Ionic, Laravel, among others.
    • Location: Ukraine
    • Clients: Camptocamp, FinExpert, Vetatek

    5. Peiko

    Top Rust Development Companies

    Digital transformation through solutions that improve customer experience can be a big boon to business. Peiko is a team of highly exposed industry Rust developers that you can hire for any digital experience project, from the web to desktop and crypto app development.

    Peiko’s most significant vision is to help clients operate more efficiently with the power of modern software. They have handled a great batch of demanding and complex projects, helping improve growth and profitability for startups and enterprises. The company has hundreds of positive reviews on Clutch, GoodFirms, and DesignRush, making it a reliable partner for any software project. 

    • Services and expertise: IT outstaffing, web development, software development, cryptocurrency development, blockchain system design, UX/UI design
    • Tech stack: Rust, NodeJS, Django, ReactJS, Ionic, React Native, etc.
    • Industries: eCommerce, Education, Media and Entertainment, Finance, Travel
    • Location: USA
    • Clients: Quan2um, Daleel, GS Diamonds, IGT Crypto

    6. Roonyx

    Top Rust Development Companies

    The Roonyx brand designates quality, superiority, and regard for efficiency. You can hire Rust developers from Roonyx to design, test, improve, and deploy cutting-edge software solutions that propel your business potential upwards.

    Their team clearly understands the unique challenges of every aspiring founder and entrepreneur. Thus, they approach the software development process with ingenuity, speed, and efficiency. From product research and analysis to design and deployment, Roonyx invests its best minds to help you succeed.

    • Services and expertise: web development, product design, idea evaluation, tech audit and testing, research and analysis
    • Tech stack: Rust, Kotlin, ReactJS, Ionic, Flutter, React Native, Laravel, NodeJS, etc.
    • Industries: eCommerce, Education, Media and Entertainment, Finance, Travel
    • Location: USA
    • Portfolio: Pollen Pay, Yoshi, Netsbo, Koko Face Yoga, Orcheya

    7. Monkhub Innovations

    Top Rust Developers

    When you hire Monkhub Innovations, you can expect a mindful and dedicated team of developers who derive inspiration from seeing clients succeed. Expect lots of hand-holding and an open feedback loop that leads to positive outcomes.

    Monkhub’s Rust developers for hire leverage their extensive expertise and precision to build applications that revolutionize how you do business. They review your unique project needs and show estimated costs and results. They then handle the design, development, testing, and deployment stages to get your solution up and running.

    • Services and expertise: web app development, mobile app development, UX/UI design, managed IT services, tech consulting, game dev, VR/AR solutions, blockchain development
    • Tech stack: Rust, NodeJS, ReactJS, Ionic, React Native, Laravel, Flutter, etc.
    • Industries: eCommerce, Education, Media and Entertainment, Finance, Travel
    • Location: United States, India
    • Client: Katuku Island, Garantie, Piro Space,  TotoHealth, Bithappier

    8. Mind Inventory 

    Top Rust Developers

    Mind Inventory can help you redefine the potential of your business through innovative blockchain solutions, focusing on Web3 and the Metaverses. You can share your ideas and vision with this progressive team and expect them to develop the best app features that lead to immersive user experiences. 

    Being one of the best Rust development companies, Mind Inventory has completed over 2500 projects and served 1600+ clients. Some renowned apps by the company kitchen include Book My Ticket, Jetson, Finnexo, Spire Tracker, and others.

    Whether it’s a CRM solution or an eCommerce payment gateway, Mind Inventory engineers meticulously handle your entire technical journey from ideation to execution. In addition, their AI/ML development and data science expertise empowers clients to leverage data effectively for a competitive edge. 

    • Services and expertise: software development, mobile app development, UX/UI design, strategy consulting, IT outsourcing, Web3 solutions, AI/ML systems, data science and engineering
    • Tech stack: Rust, Django, ReactJS, Ionic, Flutter, C++, Java, etc.
    • Location: India
    • Clients: Book My Ticket, Jetson, Finnexo, Spire Tracker


    Top Rust Developers

    Are you looking to leverage AI software in your business operations? Then LITSLINK is your go-to agency. This prominent  American Rust software development company helps brands succeed with artificial intelligence advancements.

    You can partner with LITSLINK to unlock the power of AI business solutions in critical areas of your business. Their Rust developers are technology mavericks creating software that improves automation and slashes overhead. 

    What’s more, they customize each solution to your business, including markets, clients, size, and budget. Notably, one of their recent projects, MySquire, has over 500K downloads on Google Play.

    • Services and expertise: AI app development, mobile app development, web app development, blockchain development, cloud services
    • Tech stack: Rust, Redux, ReactJS, React Native, C++/C, Python, Java, etc.
    • Location: USA
    • Portfolio: MySquire, Brighten Your Day,, Switchin

    10. IMEA Systems

    best Rust developers

    IMEA partners with world-leading companies to provide cutting-edge Rust software development services. They deliver clear and transparent communication throughout the whole collaboration process, from ideation to development, deployment, and maintenance.

    IMEA’s focus areas include AI & ML, blockchain, Web 3.0, and the cloud. You can work with their large teams for software development, database development, EPR development, and IT support. The company serves diverse clients in the Healthcare, Fintech, Government, eCommerce, and Logistics industries.

    • Services and expertise: mobile app development, SaaS development, cloud migration, ERP development, blockchain and Web3, database development, digital marketing
    • Tech stack: Rust, ReactJS, React Native, Ionic, Flutter, etc.
    • Location: USA, Armenia, UAE, Ukraine
    • Client: Steady, Skywallet, WealthIQ, NVIDIA

    11. Leeway Hertz

    Top Rust Developers

    Leeway Hertz helps startups and enterprises scale with high-performing Web 3.0 solutions and dApps. They unleash the power of Rust technology to build solutions aimed at speed, safety, and efficiency, meeting unique project requirements.

    Their highly experienced Rust engineers combine research and development expertise to create game-changing digital solutions. They will build your software just the way you want it. No matter the scope or complexity of your project, this team will help you achieve high success.

    • Services and expertise: mobile app development, web app development, UX/UI design, managed IT services, app marketing, digital marketing, tech consulting, MVP development, Web3 and dApp development
    • Tech stack: Rust, C++, Kotlin, ReactJS, Ionic, Flutter, Laravel, etc.
    • Location: USA
    • Portfolio: Siemens, ESPN, Klaytin,3M, Tezos, Hershey’s

    12. Serokell

    Top Rust Development Companies

    Serokell is a leading player in the world of ML (machine learning) software development. They have an extensive technology stack but are exceptionally renowned for Rust expertise. This ingenious team has been involved in cutting-edge industry projects in fintech and biotech, and recently, they won the Manifest Award for their contribution to the Ethereum network.

    Serokell’s developers are truly innovative. They build easy-to-use solutions for complex business challenges. What’s more, they always stay updated by participating in global conferences and industry publications. Employee training through the Serokell Academy guarantees excellence with whomever you get paired up with from their side. 

    • Services and expertise: IT consulting, AI/ML app development, web and mobile app development, UX/UI design, managed IT services
    • Tech stack: Rust, Ionic, Flutter, Haskell, TypeScript, Python, etc.
    • Location: Estonia
    • Portfolio: Telgram, StakerDAO,Cardano SL,Tezos


    Thousands of companies worldwide are building better and faster apps with Rust. It is designed as a developer-centric language to power the development of genuinely remarkable apps.

    The efficiency and performance of Rust not only elevate the speed of execution but also enhance the overall user experience. Start with the above list of Rust developers to unlock these benefits and launch powerful apps for your business.

    If you provide Rust development services and want to add your agency to this list, email us with your request. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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