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    Top Banking App Development Companies And Services

    Banking app development is a rapidly growing sector in the FinTech industry, with more and more businesses striving to manage their financial operations and provide customer service through advanced digital banking solutions.

    Digital banking has become a standard service provided by modern banks of all types and sizes, ranging from traditional banks to online-only banks and FinTech startups. 

    That’s how banking applications streamline clients’ daily financial tasks, such as checking balances, paying bills, and transferring funds, to mention a few. These apps also usually offer comprehensive budgeting tools and investment opportunities, making them essential for effective financial management and achieving personal financial goals.

    By providing such comprehensive functionality through a single app for users worldwide, banks get a fantastic opportunity to create sustainable profitability while delivering exceptional customer service. 

    Are you keen on the idea of building a next-gen banking app for your financial organization? Great plan! 

    The next step is to find a reliable tech partner with in-depth FinTech expertise to turn your idea into top-notch financial software. We’ve listed top banking app development companies with years of experience and impressive portfolios in this area, deservedly recognized as industry leaders with a global clientele. 

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    Top Banking App Development Companies To Build Top-Notch Financial Software

    1. Vention

    Top Flutter App Development Companies

    Vention has recently earned a place of distinction in the 2023 Financial Times’ Fastest-Growing Companies list, with a particular focus on services tailored to banking app development. Renowned for its prowess in creating tailored FinTech software solutions, the Vention team has a remarkable track record of slashing costs for their clients to the tune of $600,000 annually, all while facilitating client acquisitions exceeding $15 billion.

    With two decades of industry expertise, this award-winning software development firm has established its presence in 20 global cities. Their extensive range of expertise encompasses a spectrum of services specifically oriented toward banking app development, software engineering, mobile application creation, and proficient IT management, all aimed at helping you make winning business-critical decisions.

    Vention maintains a prominent position in the market, with a client roster extending to over 500 financial institutions. Noteworthy clients in their portfolio include major players such as JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Capital One, among others. In essence, Vention embodies a steadfast presence in the banking app development landscape, consistently delivering solutions that combine durability, security, and innovation.

    • Services & expertise: banking app development, mobile development, software development, website development, startup services, cloud services, blockchain, AR/VR, Salesforce, AI, IoT
    • Tech stack: Swift, C++, AngularJS, Rust, NextJS, Flutter, Kotlin, Solidity, etc.
    • Location: headquartered in New York, US; located in 20+ cities
    • Team size: 3,000+ experts
    • Portfolio: JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Capital One, and others

    2. Anmel 

    top banking app development company

    Offering unprecedented IT services, Anmel is one of the few banking app development companies that combines years of expertise and technology with the strategic guidance needed to excel in the digital age. Working as an extension of your team, Anmel delivers tailored solutions to meet your unique operational requirements, ensuring your business remains agile, secure, and compliant.

    The company’s comprehensive service offering covers everything from robust cybersecurity implementation to data analytics optimization and workflow automation. By aligning IT with your strategic objectives, Anmel not only helps you cut costs but also drives innovation, making you more competitive in the financial landscape.

    Specializing in banking app development, Anmel guides clients through the complete app lifecycle, from concept to design, integration, testing, and ongoing maintenance. Whether you’re a startup, an established tech company, or an industry giant, with Anmel, you can increase customer satisfaction, boost user engagement, cut time-to-market, and save your resources. What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy one year of free maintenance and bug fixes by choosing Anmel as your IT partner.

    • Services & expertise: banking app development, custom software development, IT consulting & advisory, AI transformation, web development, mobile development, blockchain development, cloud services, managed services
    • Tech stack: Java, Spring Boot, MongoDB, Azure, NodeJS, SQL, C#, .NET, Monorepo, Rest, Jenkins, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React
    • Location: San Francisco, California, United States
    • Team size: 50+ and rapidly expanding
    • Portfolio: startups, software firms, and enterprises

    3. ScienceSoft

    best banking app developers

    ScienceSoft provides full-cycle services covering banking app design, development, integration, testing, and release. The vendor creates client-facing mobile (Android, iOS, cross-platform) and web banking apps, as well as custom servicing apps for banking professionals.

    In its portfolio, ScienceSoft showcases banking apps with value-adding features like AI chatbots, P2P transfers, virtual cards, crypto payments, and more. Addressing the demand for banking app security, the vendor maintains an in-house team of security engineers, SIEM/SOAR/XDR specialists, Certified Ethical Hackers, and compliance consultants (PCI, CCPA, NYDFS, GDPR, etc.).

    ScienceSoft offers a project start in just 1–2 weeks and typically delivers an MVP of a banking app within 3–6 months. The company is ISO 9001- and ISO 27001-certified, which testifies to its consistent service quality and full security of its customers’ data.

    • Services and expertise: full-cycle development of web and mobile banking apps, banking app consulting, banking app modernization, fintech development, banking app security and compliance, QA of banking software
    • Tech stack: Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, C#, Flutter, React Native, JavaScript, Python, .NET, PHP, Golang, Azure, AWS, advanced techs (AI/ML, big data, blockchain), and more
    • Location: HQ in Texas, USA; representative offices in the EU, UAE, KSA
    • Team size: 750+ experts
    • Portfolio: RBC Royal Bank, City First Bank, Kapital Bank, Unibank, Boubyan Bank, Squirrel, Deloitte, IBM

    4. Geniusee

    Top Banking App Development Companies

    Geniusee specializes in providing core banking software development services, including digital banking portals, mobile banking software, lending software, and trading platforms. Additionally, they offer IT outstaffing services to augment your in-house team with top programming talent from Eastern Europe.

    Being a Forbes-recognized IT company, Geniusee strives to transform businesses and offers top-notch management software for any financial institution.  

    • Services and expertise: banking app development, AI-powered app development, consulting services, web and mobile app development, blockchain development, IoT development, DevOps, QA and testing, technical support, product design, outstaffing services
    • Tech stack: JavaScript, .Net, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Python, PHP
    • Location: Middletown, USA; Warsaw, Poland; Kyiv, Lviv, Ukraine
    • Team size: 200+ experts
    • Portfolio: Keep, Zedosh, Digital Bits, Zytara, TradeSmarter

    5. Yellow

    Top Banking App Development Companies


    Why should you hire banking app developers from Yellow? Well, there are several crucial reasons to consider. Yellow boasts over 7 years of experience in the FinTech industry, working with financial organizations of all sizes and maintaining a firm 5/5 star rating on Clutch.

    The company is also proficient in providing a broad array of digital solutions, including custom banking software, CORE banking systems, EMV software, EPR banking software, and cloud-based banking infrastructure, as well as integration and maintenance.

    Elevate your business with comprehensive finance solutions from one of the leading banking software companies. 

    • Services and expertise: banking software development, web and mobile app development, MVP development, prototyping services, DevOps, cloud services, UI/UX design, quality assurance, PWA development services
    • Tech stack: Java, Node.JS, .Net, Python, HTML, JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue.JS, MySQL, MongoDB, Azure, AmazonS3, AmazonRDC,  DynamoDB
    • Location: San Francisco, USA; Warsaw, Poland; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Larnaca, Cyprus
    • Team size: 70+ experts
    • Portfolio: Trayent, Allianz, Bionorica, McDonald’s

    6. Emizen Tech

    Top Banking App Developers

    Emizhen Tech is another notable banking software development service provider established in India in 2013. All financial software apps they create are designed to be user-friendly, featuring a simple interface that enhances user engagement. Moreover, they are fast, secure, easy-scalable, and high-performing. 

    Partnering with Emizhen Tech guarantees a client satisfaction rate of 100%, rapid product delivery, a team of skilled developers, and competitive pricing. Their portfolio and Clutch profile, which includes 90+ reviews with an average rating of 4.9, clearly indicates you’re going to collaborate with a leading expert in the FinTech industry. 

    • Services and expertise: banking app development, eCommerce development, Salesforce development, web and mobile app development, website design
    • Tech stack: Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Opencart, Joomla, Drupal, Flutter React Native, PHP, Laravel, Angular.JS, Node.JS, Express.JS, React.JS
    • Location: Jaipur, India; London, UK; New York, USA
    • Team size: 250+ experts
    • Portfolio: KliQr, Loan Calculator, Bright Money, Payse, GB Cash

    7. Infinum 

    Top Banking App Developers

    Infinum is known as one of the best FinTech software companies in the USA and Europe. Since 2005, they have built numerous digital products for major international banks, insurance companies, and promising startups. 

    Infinum provides the following banking software development services: mobile and internet banking solutions, integration of payment processing solutions, smart finance analytics, loan and leasing solutions, FinTech systems, and trading platforms. Their products revolutionize the digital finance sector, with industry leaders like Raiffeisen Bank and Erste Bank choosing them as a go-to tech partner.

    • Services and expertise: banking software development, digital strategy, product design, mobile and web app development, quality assurance, machine learning, data science
    • Tech stack: Flutter, HTML, React, Angular, WordPress, TypeScript, Ruby on Rails, .Net, Python, Node.JS, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Keras, TensorFlow, C/C++, nRF
    • Location: New York, USA; London, UK; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Zagreb, Croatia; other offices across the Europe
    • Team size: 400+ experts
    • Portfolio: HPB, Erste Bank, Raiffeisen Bank

    8. Miquido

    Top Banking App Development Companies

    Miquido is among the best banking software development companies on the global stage, founded in 2011. The firm helps modern and legacy businesses in building banking solutions that boost ROI and ensure convenience for their end clients. They have successfully completed prominent financial projects for industry leaders like BNP Paribas, SBAB, and Nextbank. 

    If you’re uncertain about which features would best suit your banking app, don’t worry about it. The team of experts from Miquido will provide you with the ultimate guidance on possible options to equip your product with essential features such as security, intuitive money management tools, easy digital payments, chatbots for customer support, geolocation functionality, KYC verification processes, fraud detection systems with alerts, push notifications, clear dashboards, etc.

    Whether you want to create custom banking software or improve the operational efficiency of an existing application, Miquido will perform all your tasks by leveraging the synergy of innovation and the hottest industry trends.

    • Services and expertise: banking software development, product strategy, digital transformation, legacy app modernization, product research and development, web and mobile app development, custom enterprise development, UI/UX design, cloud services, staff augmentation
    • Tech stack: Flutter, Golang, Swift, React, Angular, Vue.JS, Java, Node.JS, Kotlin
    • Location: Krakow, Poland
    • Team size: 300+ experts
    • Portfolio: BNP Paribas, Nextbank, Monetas, SBAB

    9. Brainhub

    Top Banking App Developers

    Ranked by Clutch as a top software development provider of financial services, Brainhub is the best choice among banking and financial organizations, ranging from startups to big consulting firms. The team at Brainhub provides full-cycle web and mobile app development, product design, cloud engineering, software architecture, and quality assurance software services. 

    Their best banking app developers skilled in .Net, TypeScript, React, Node.JS, and AWS are ready to scale up your in-house team and share their limitless expertise in building high-performing and profitable banking solutions. 

    • Services and expertise: banking software development, web and mobile app development, prototyping, MVP and product scaling services, UI/UX design, cloud consulting
    • Tech stack: Node.JS, .Net, React, TypeScript, React Native, AWS, Nest, Redux
    • Location: Gliwice, Warsaw, Krakow, Poland; Miami, USA; London, UK
    • Team size: 70+ experta
    • Portfolio: Credit Suisse, PWS, Collegial, Relayr

    10. S-PRO

    Top Banking App Developers

    S-PRO’s expertise lies in building innovative mobile banking software, online banking apps, and core banking software systems. It’s a trusted IT consulting partner for banks, trusts, escrows, and financial organizations. 

    There are a few vital advantages of S-PRO’s banking software development services. Let’s start with their 4 years of successful track record of developing banking apps, focusing on designing easy-to-use interfaces. Secondly, S-PRO is fully compliant with essential financial industry regulations, including PCI DSS and PA-DSS. As for methodologies, they use Design Thinking to achieve a product market match and agile management tools that help the team to track project progress every second. 

    • Services and expertise: banking app development, product discovery, UI/UX design, web and mobile development, cloud engineering, blockchain development, fast prototyping, MVP development, product discovery, CTO as a service, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data architecture and management
    • Tech stack: React.JS, Angular.JS, Node.JS, Golang, Python, Firebase, Java, React Native, Flutter, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean, NLP, Keras, Solidity, Corda, Ethereum
    • Location: Zurich, Switzerland; Lodz, Poland; London, UK; Berlin, Germany; Lviv, Ukraine
    • Team size: 250+ experts
    • Portfolio: Karty, Sygnum, Treezor

    11. GeekyAnts

    Top Banking App Developers

    With 10+ years of background in the FinTech space, GeekyAnts agency is known as a top banking software development service provider. Over 50+ fintech projects have been delivered under their roof for businesses worldwide, including ICICI, Paypoint, Razorpay, and Elever. 

    At GeekyAnts, they’re capable of implementing digital banking apps, personal finance management apps, crowdfunding platforms, and insurance solutions. 

    • Services and expertise: banking software development, web and mobile app development, quality assurance and software testing, UI/UX design, business analysis
    • Tech stack: React Native, Next.JS, TypeScript, Redux, Flutter, GraphQL, Node.JS, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, AWS, Azure, Docker
    • Location: Bangalore, India; London, UK; San Francisco, USA
    • Team size: 500+ experts
    • Portfolio: Elever, Paypoint, Milaap, ICICI, RazorPay, LazyPay, Khatabook

    12. Surf

    Top Banking App Development Companies

    Surf is an award-winning banking app development company committed to delivering your first app release in 6 to 9 months. The firm specializes in building mobile applications and trading platforms for global enterprises and Y Combinator startups.

    Their best banking app developers have been ranked as ‘Top Financial App Developers’ by Clutch and ‘Top Promising FinTech Developers’ by TopDevelopers. Surf also boasts the achievement of creating the 1st Flutter-powered banking app in Europe. 

    • Services and expertise: banking mobile app development, web app development, CJM workshop, UI/UX design, project management, testing, support SLA, system analysis
    • Tech stack: Golang, Python, Java, Kotlin, Redis, PostgreSQL, Flutter, Spring boot, Hibernate, Flyway, Gin
    • Location: Delaware, New York, Washington, USA
    • Team size: 250+ experts
    • Portfolio: UNICredit bank, SBI bank, KFC, Burger King

    13. Keenethics

    Top Banking App Development Companies

    Headquartered in Ukraine, Keenethics has established itself as one of the leading banking tech companies, providing financial software development services for clients worldwide. They can develop a banking application of any type and complexity from scratch, be it an online bank or a cryptocurrency platform, or conduct a professional UI/UX audit to enhance your existing software.

    Keenethics assigns top priority to technical security, elegant and efficient interfaces, seamless integrations, and the stability of financial products – all essential elements needed to overcome the most complex challenges of banking software development.

    • Services and expertise: banking app development, web and mobile app application development, UI/UX design, business analysis, cloud development, IoT development, maintenance and support 
    • Tech stack: Vue.JS, React, Angular, .Net, Node.JS, Flutter, React Native, Java, TypeScript, Next.JS, Express.JS
    • Location: Lviv, Ukraine; Krakow, Poland; New York, USA; Munich, Germany; Oss, Netherlands
    • Team size: 1200+ experts
    • Portfolio: Paystub, Pace Revenue, BankerAdvisor 


    As the FinTech industry evolves, digital banking has become an integral part of success for banks, investment firms, non-profit organizations, and financial startups. Top-tier mobile banking applications come with a multitude of advantages, including an intuitive interface, robust security measures, real-time updates, budget management tools, remote deposit, and other features aimed at more efficient financial management. 

    For sure, building a high-quality banking app requires a team of professionals with rich expertise in the particular industry and the right technology stack. With this list of the best banking software development companies, you can find the best-fit partner who’ll help you achieve business goals, keep up with the trends, and reduce the risk of being left behind.

    If you want to add your banking app development firm to this list, drop us a line with your request. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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