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    Top Big Data Consulting Companies To Leverage Your Business Data

    In today’s data-driven world, data is the lifeblood of successful businesses. 

    For this reason, organizations of all sizes and industries must constantly collect, manage, and analyze vast amounts of data to derive important insights and make winning decisions, ensuring business success. That’s where big data consulting companies come into the game, delivering professional advice and development services and simplifying the process for you.

    Usually, their scope involves data analysis, data warehousing, data governance, and data science. Partnering with the right big data consulting firm can greatly assist your company in these tasks and beyond.

    However, the level of expertise and experience varies in each agency, making a choice quite challenging. This is why we’ve compiled a list of top big data consulting companies to help you navigate the tremendous pool of options and hire the best-fit partner. 

    Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, go through our list to choose the best big data consultants who will help drive your business forward.

    The Best Big Data Consulting Companies And Services

    1. BigData Boutique

    best big data consulting company

    Starting our list is BigData Boutique, a leading consulting firm that delivers full-service design, development, consulting, and support services using big data and cloud technologies. Founded in 2013, the agency specializes in custom big data application development to help companies overcome data-related challenges in complex projects across industries such as eCommerce, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Banking, Education, Marketing, and more.

    Working with ElasticsearchOpenSearch, ELK Stack, Kafka, PrestoDB, Trino, Flink, and Spark technologies, the agency offers cutting-edge solutions to help you achieve your business goals. With over a decade of expertise in enterprise architecture, process automation, and software life cycle development, this company empowers IT teams to build dependable big data infrastructures that provide value and substantial cost savings. In addition to their specialized consulting services, they offer tailored big data application development, data architecture design and modeling, and a multi-tier support system with customized plans for every project stage.

    BigData Boutique’s engineers are top-level experts in modern technologies and data stacks, helping you design an advanced data platform from scratch or improve an existing system.

    2. Vention

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    Accelerating innovation, improving decision-making, and enhancing customer experience, Vention emerges as a pioneer in big data consulting.

    With a keen focus on volume, velocity, and variety, they offer comprehensive data engineering services, including robust data pipelines, third-party system integrations, and efficient data storage, using a comprehensive set of advanced BI tools and visualizations. 

    Vention’s expertise extends to big data consulting, analytics, and development. They assist clients in selecting the right tools and integrating analytics and data science and provide tailored user-centric solutions that enrich, measure, and visualize insights from vast interactions while prioritizing regulatory and security concerns.

    Whether augmenting teams, improving existing software, or ensuring continuous system enhancement and maintenance, Vention is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to expand and maintain their big data solutions. With a client-centered development approach, agile methodologies, and a deep commitment to organizational, cultural, and technical values, this prominent firm stands out as a top choice for companies aiming to leverage big data technologies efficiently.

    3. InData Labs

    Top Power BI Consulting Companies

    Established in 2014, InData Labs is a prominent leader in big data consulting and development. The firm was founded by Marat Karpeko, a seasoned expert in the video gaming industry with a wealth of experience in big data analytics.

    With a dedicated team of 80+ employees, InData Labs boasts top-level data scientists, engineers, architects, analysts, and designers united to empower businesses through data-driven decision-making. The company has an international presence with a solid client base in the USA, UK, EU, and Japan. Their portfolio includes over 150 complex projects for notable names like Wargaming, Flo, Captiv8, and others.

    From business challenge review and data collection to data analysis and business analytics implementation, InData Labs’ holistic approach enhances customer insights, boosts operational efficiency, automates processes, fuels product innovation, and reduces costs through intelligent decision-making.

    4. ScienceSoft

    ScienceSoft Big Data Consulting

    ScienceSoft provides specialized consultation on big data projects. They guide clients through each step, from feasibility analysis to ROI projection, implementation, and monitoring. 

    Established in 1989, this company has helped shape the landscape of big data consulting. The Manifest recognizes them as Top Big Data Consultants. Similarly, they have ISO 9001 certification, demonstrating that they take quality management seriously. Their big data consulting service empowers businesses to explore the full strength of their data. 

    One of ScienceSoft’s greatest achievements in this domain includes a tailored big data solution based on Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, and Apache Spark. It handles over 1,000 different data types and is helpful for a leading market research company in its marketing channel analysis.

    5. Addepto 

    best big data consulting company

    Addepto is a leading big data consulting company specializing in AI, BI, and Data Engineering technologies. Founded in 2017, Addepto’s team of experts uses their skills and experience to deliver custom analytics solutions that cater to the specific needs of its clients.

    Addepto’s clients benefit from optimized operational costs, increased revenues from existing customers, and minimized risk through next-gen data analytics solutions. From application streaming, data lakes, data vaults, and big data processing and data integration, the company develops practical tools and innovative technologies that work smoothly with your existing software.

    The team at Addepto is focused on long-term relations with customers within various industries. Together, they work towards achieving strategic goals and building innovative products and systems based on big data technology. Addepto’s commitment to staying a trusted tech partner makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to leverage the power of big data to gain a competitive advantage.

    6. Saviant Consulting

    Top Big Data Consulting Companies

    ​​Saviant has been making a significant impact in big data consulting since 2015, with a mission to simplify the complexities of the industrial world. Their machine manufacturing and industrial engineering expertise has helped them earn recognition from top industry awards, including the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and NASSCOM Digital Skills awards.

    Saviant is dedicated to helping medium-sized businesses leverage their data and deploy intelligent software solutions. Focusing on advanced analytics, data platform engineering, and human intelligence, Saviant has successfully deployed over 300 industry implementations across the USA, Germany, the UK, and Canada. They’ve worked with 90% of clients for over four years, showing their deep commitment to building long-term partnerships. 

    Saviant is among a select group of Microsoft and AWS partners recognized with the highest-level accreditations for Cloud Platforms, Data Platforms, Data Analytics, and more. 

    7. Ciklum

    Top Big Data Consulting Companies

    Founded in 2002, Ciklum is one of the top big data science consulting firms that provide tailored digital solutions for a diverse range of clients. Their services are based on emerging technologies to bring proven market value, enhance digitally immature products, and provide diligent client guidance based on data-driven principles. With a London headquarters and offices in several countries, the company offers various services to assist global clients with software development, IT managed services, and more. 

    Their robust digital consulting is aligned with business goals and ensures that customers get the best possible solutions for their needs. The company has an impressive client portfolio, including Just Eat, Metro, Flixbus, Mercedes Pay, EFG International, Zurich Insurance, and Lottoland, among others.

    With their solutions for Fortune 500 and fast-growing companies, Ciklum is a reliable partner for any business looking for cutting-edge digital solutions. Ciklum has a team of highly skilled professionals that can help clients with data strategy and architecture, data modernization and engineering, business analytics, data exploitation, artificial intelligence, and more. They deliver big data projects in various industries, including Healthcare, Agriculture, and Insurance, to mention a few.

    8. Algoscale

    Top Big Data Consulting Providers

    Algoscale, a top-tier big data consulting service provider, was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in India. The company has established a solid reputation in over 25 countries, helping organizations gain meaningful business insights from large volumes of data by applying advanced analytics and cutting-edge technology.

    With its exceptional expertise in building and customizing technology platforms that can analyze data of any size, Algoscale has become a trusted partner to businesses seeking to leverage the power of big data. Their ability to deeply understand clients’ requirements and deliver tailored solutions has earned them a loyal client base.

    Algoscale’s services cover big data analytics, from analysis and decision science to technology infrastructure. Their highly skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge of data analytics, decision science, and the latest trends in the field have implemented 250+ projects, making them one of the best big data companies. Such a comprehensive approach of Algoscale enables clients to benefit from a streamlined process and a single point of contact for all their data needs.

    9. Fusion Consulting

    Top Big Data Consulting Providers

    Founded in 2006, Fusion Consulting offers one of the industry’s best big data consulting services. The company’s focus on data warehousing and business intelligence consulting services has earned them national recognition, including several excellence awards.

    Fusion’s team of the best big data consultants comprises experts in the full stack of tools, including SAP BusinessObjects and other key data processing technologies. The company’s ability to provide academic-standard data warehousing and business intelligence services enables its clients to visualize and explore information, leading to better decision-making and positive outcomes.

    As an SAP Gold-level Partner, Fusion has been awarded for its excellence in providing solutions that drive change and help customers achieve their business goals. The company’s proven process and expertise result in quicker time to market without impacting customers’ current technology infrastructure.

    Having defined and deployed 1800+ metrics for healthcare customers, analyzed 110k+ data points in one project, and helped save over $12Mn for a single customer, Fusion is deservedly called one of the most trusted and effective big data consulting firms not only in Dallas but worldwide.

    10. SG Analytics 

    best data consulting company

    SG Analytics is an industry-leading global insights and data analytics consulting company that focuses on harnessing the power of data with purpose. SG Analytics provides data-centric research and contextual analytics services to its clients, including Fortune 500 companies, across BFSI, EdTech, FinTech, Technology, Media and entertainment, and Healthcare sectors.

    Established in 2007, SG Analytics is a Great Place to Work® (GPTW) certified company and has a team of over 1100 employees and has presence across the U.S.A., the UK, Switzerland, Canada, and India.

    Apart from being recognized by reputed firms such as Everest Group, ISG, Analytics India Magazine, Economic Times, and Statista, SG Analytics has been recently awarded as the ESG Research Consultancy of the year 2022 and Idea Awards 2023 by Entrepreneur India in “Best Use of Data” category.

    11. Cobit Solutions

    Top Big Data Consulting Providers

    Providing the industry’s best big data consulting services, Cobit Solutions covers a range of services to help businesses derive valuable insights from their data, including developing dashboards based on Power BI, Microstrategy BI, and Power BI Report Builder. The company’s expertise in custom dashboards, business intelligence, and interactive reporting systems of any complexity makes them a trustworthy partner for all your data-related needs.

    Founded in 2018 and based in Dallas, Cobit Solutions has quickly established itself as one of the top data management companies. The company’s commitment to excellence as well as deep data management and analytics expertise will drive your business growth. Their 86 years of total experience in data analytics has helped save their clients over 215k within a month of partnership.

    12. Dataforest

    Top Big Data Consulting Providers

    Dataforest is a prominent data science and web development agency founded in Kyiv in 2018. Their primary focus is providing data-driven solutions to organizations to help them improve their performance and create added value for their clients and shareholders.

    Among Dataforest’s expertise are business automation, large-scale data analysis, and advanced software engineering. The company also covers web app development, data science, advanced analytics, data integration and management, ETL pipelines and API integration/development, data visualization and dashboards, eCommerce automation, process automation, and DevOps.

    Their team of skilled data analytics experts delivers custom solutions, helping clients navigate massive data and achieve their business goals. Focusing on data-driven solutions and advanced technology, Dataforest is well-equipped to meet the needs of businesses across a range of industries.

    13. *instinctools

    Top Big Data Consulting Providers

    *instinctools is a superior software development and big data consulting company focused on digital transformation with offices in Germany, the US, Poland, and Kazakhstan. They offer software development, legacy software modernization, web development and eCommerce, business intelligence and data visualization, cloud computing and DevOps, mobile app development, and even crypto exchange development services. Their cross-functional global delivery model reduces development costs while increasing speed to market.

    *instinctools is a trusted big data consulting partner that is well-positioned to assist organizations in their digital transformation journey. With 23 years of experience in the market, the firm has successfully completed over 1000 projects. Their team of over 350 professional engineers and consultants is dedicated to delivering high-quality and result-driven solutions.

    14. ThirdEye Data

    Top Big Data Consulting Companies

    ThirdEye Data is a leading provider of innovative data and AI solutions and services with a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and startups. Headquartered in California, ThirdEye Data helps organizations globally transform knowledge into strategic and tactical insights for informed and timely business decisions.

    Providing services in data science, data engineering, and data analytics, the company leverages AI, ML, and deep learning technologies to implement end-to-end big data solutions seamlessly. This top-level big data analytics company serves diverse industries, including Information Technology, Retail, Energy, Marketing & Advertising, Oil & Natural Gas, Government, and Pharmaceutical, helping businesses improve operational efficiencies, increase revenues, and respond to market trends immediately. 

    With customers such as Walmart, Microsoft, Xperi, Southern California Edison, British Petroleum, and GlasTrosch, ThirdEye Data has established a reputation as a trusted data and AI solutions partner.


    Now that you have all the aces up your sleeve, it’s important to analyze your current business problems and goals before choosing the best big data processing company for partnership. This will help you find the most suitable and reliable agency with proven expertise to provide solutions that meet your needs, requirements, and goals.

    If you want to add your firm to our list of top big data consulting companies, please contact us via email. Our team will thoroughly review your profile and determine whether it’s a good fit.

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